School Rules

  1. Students must bring the school diary and I-Card everyday. If a student looses the diary, a new diary will have to be purchased otherwise he/she will be subjected to disciplinary action.
  2. Student should not damage the school property. Any damage done by accident should be reported at once to the appropriate authority. Each class will be responsible for looking after the school property. Any damage done will be compensated by the doer.
  3. No student will be allowed to leave the premises before the school gets over unless permission has been granted in writing.
  4. Student are prohibited to bring undesirable materials such as books other than their course, mobile phones, calculators etc. or any other costly item to school. Disciplinary action will be taken against such offenders.
  5. Student’s are expected to come five minutes before assembly time. Late comers will not be permitted to attend the school.
  6. The school authority will not be responsible for any loss of the student’s money, books, clothes etc.
  7. Students are expected to come neat and tidy.
  8. Students are expected to speak in English and behave will in school as well as outside the school.
  9. The school reserves the right to dismiss any students whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students or due to non-payment of school dues.
  10. Student should not litter paper or rubbish anywhere in the school premises.
  11. A student should not to come to school if suffering from a contagious disease and same should be informed to school too.
  12. Application for leave should bear the signature of parents/ guardian & that should be submitted before availing of the leave.
  13. Switch off the fans, AC & lights when not in use.
  14. This being a co-educational school, the boys & girls must show proper respect and decorum for each other. In keeping with Indian culture & Ethic, use of a less cultured language is strictly prohibited.