Principal’s Message

Mr. Krishna Joshi
MSc, BEd,DElEd

Jai Arihant International School (JAINS) is a unique school that helps students to be independent thinkers and provides skills for them to critically analyze and apply what they learn in their class rooms. Knowledge and skills are developed against the backdrop of moral and ethical values that prepare them for life. While JAINS provides intellectual and academic excellence, it will also equally develop their emotional and social awareness.

JAINS maintains a parent-school partner-relationship which research has proved maximizes students’ intellectual, physical, emotional, social and ethical development.

JAINS is an inclusive school where all students are given equal opportunities to reach their potential in all their individual areas of excellence. This is the natural outcome when all teachers are encouraged to improve and hone their skills through regular professional development opportunities.

As Principal and along with the Trustees, I assure all parents that JAINS stands committed to fulfilling the above mandate. In addition, it is committed to providing a safe and secure environment for its students and staff.